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More energy

If you’re looking for more energy, you aren’t alone.

Americans are all too familiar with fatigue. Our on-the-go culture has driven us to the “super mom” syndrome, doing the work of two between working full-time and running a household. As a result, we hold in high esteem the workaholics who late at the office and being the first ones in. “I will sleep when I’m dead,” is a saying heard all too often by people who feel pressured to do it all.

Between keeping ourselves endlessly busy, mental and emotional stress, and our drive-thru diets, it’s no wonder we’re constantly seeking out sources of energy. If you’re constantly looking for more energy, slow down, take some deep breaths and choose one or two of the below tips to try today.

10 Tip for More Energy

 1. Exercise

This doesn’t necessarily mean carving out an hour every day to go to the gym, although if that makes you feel great than go for it. Keep in mind, though, that hard workouts can often bring more fatigue. If your workouts are no longer giving you more energy, dial it back a bit. Try some yoga, tai chi, stretching, or walking. The important thing here is just that you move. So, get up out of your chair every 30 minutes or so and do some light stretches. Go for a walk on your lunch break. Find something you love and do it often!

 2. Allow Yourself Some Rest

It seems like common sense that if we don’t get enough sleep we won’t have as much energy. Yet, we still act like we can go-go-go on just a few hours. Think you don’t have enough time for a full eight hours of sleep? Try it and see how much more productive you are!

 3. Schedule Some You Time

Taking some time to step back out the day-to-day and relax can make a big difference on how we feel. Go for a walk, soak in a tub, write in a journal, or do whatever rejuvenates you. Even just giving yourself a few minutes to sit alone outside and listen to the birds, or feel the sun on your face, can make moving forward with more energy much easier.

 4. Walk Away from Draining Relationships

If you find yourself spending time with people who drain your energy, consider whether that relationship still makes sense for you. If walking away isn’t an option, try setting some boundaries.

5. Get a Spiritual Life

Spirituality means different things to different people. Whether for your it means participating in a religious or spiritual community, reading inspirational teachings, meditation, prayer, dancing, or time in nature, start making it a priority.

6. Detox

When your body is having to sort through chemicals in cosmetics, cleaning products, food and furnishings, it can leave little energy for much else. Consider cleaning up your environment and using practices like dry brushing and sweating in an infrared sauna to clear out some of the junk. Click here if you’d like information on my upcoming 5-day whole foods detox!

7. Rethink Caffeine

If you need a cup of coffee or three to get going every day, you’ve programmed your body to maintain a new normal at a lower level of energy. Basically, the caffeine is taking you from fatigued to normal instead of normal to high performance. Consider taking a break from coffee then drinking it only when you need more focus, like if working on a deadline or going on a long road trip.

8. Hydrate

Many of us are chronically dehydrated. If you are experiencing fatigue or a sugar craving, try having a glass of water with some lemon and seeing how you feel. If you are getting thirsty throughout the day you aren’t drinking enough water.

9. Eat Real Food

Food closest to the source has the highest amount of energy-giving life force. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (ideally more veggies than fruit), and save the high-carb meals for dinner. Sandwiches and pastas for lunch will be are likely to give you a post-meal slump. Instead, try a salad loaded with a variety of colors, protein and some healthy fat like olive oil or avocado.

10. Avoid Processed Sugar

Most of us are familiar with the sugar roller coaster: we get tired and crave more energy, have a cookie or soda, feel better, then our energy crashes again a couple hours later, leading to more cravings. If you tend to crave sugar mid-afternoon, reach for some protein instead.

Need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? Download my healthy snacking guide for some great ideas! 

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Genevieve White

Genevieve White is a Certified Health Coach and advocate for personalized health care. After healing herself from years of chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and generalized pain, she now shares her knowledge, expertise and passion with others who are struggling to find a sense of balance and wellness in their lives.

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