I'm Julia Sarver, a holistic health coach based in Portland, Oregon.

As a mom to an active 3-year-old (is there any other kind?), I understand how hard it can be to find balance in our overscheduled lives, which is why I work with my clients to create ‘recipes for real life’ so they can use small pockets of time to take better care of themselves. Find out more about how to work with me by going here. And keep reading to get the full bio of who I am and how I got here.

Other Things About Me

My husband works for winery, which means we almost always have an open bottle of amazing Pinot Noir sitting on the kitchen counter. (Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.)

I love to travel, including the three months my husband I spent camping through the bush in Southern Africa. The moments I remember most are when we almost drowned our car driving through a river in Botswana, and walking into our campsite to find a huge hippo named Matthew sleeping there in Namibia. (Seriously. I can't even make that up.)

I don't know everything, but I do know that it's possible to make big differences in our health and well being by making small changes every day. That's why I do this work - my clients tell me all the time they didn't realize that it could actually be easy to feel better.

Becoming a health coach

First and foremost, you need to know I’m a foodie at heart. I love food, I love eating, and never in my life have I forgotten to eat a meal. (Seriously, how do people do that?)

A few years ago, it became abundantly clear that what and how I eat play a huge role in how I feel, how I’m able to handle all the things life throws at me, and how my body functions.

So how did I get here?

When I was in my late 20s, I thought I was finally in control of my life. I had a job I loved, I was training for a marathon, and would soon meet the man who would become my husband a few years later. Sounds like a pretty great life, right?

Because I was running so much, I paid a lot of attention to what I was eating. I made sure I ate only whole grains, learned how to properly carb load, and kept an eye on my caloric intake.

In October 2006, I finished the Portland marathon, feeling a mixture of excitement and exhaustion that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe in words. A week later, my very persistent running partner suggested we hit the road again, and we met up for one of our regular 5:30 AM runs.

A mile into our first post-marathon run, I realized something was wrong. My body was drained. I could barely put one foot in front of the other. For the next week, I kept trying to run, but I just didn’t have enough energy to run even 2 or 3 miles. I was exhausted all the time, and fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 every night, only to sleep through my alarm every morning.

After several months of misery, I finally went to a chiropractor who suspected that I had some food allergies that had gone undiagnosed, plus a compromised endocrine system.

A few simple tests later we discovered that my body can’t tolerate wheat or dairy – 2 foods I had pumped into my system during my marathon training. Even worse, my adrenal glands (the ones responsible for our fight or flight response) were completely shot, probably due to the stress of eating foods my body didn't like and a high-pressure job. All my hormonal tests suggested I was postmenopausal. I was 27 years old.


Fast forward to now. I’ve cut wheat and dairy (plus sugar most of the time!) and I’ve learned how to take care of my adrenal glands so I feel really great most of the time. I no longer deal with the dreaded 3:00 PM crash, and I kicked my daily Diet Coke habit.

I founded my health coaching practice to help other people get clear on which foods support their bodies and which foods drain them. It’s truly amazing how much your diet can impact your ability to live your life. And now that I'm the mom of a very active 3-year-old, it's more important to me than ever to make sure that I'm feeling as good as I can every single day.

I received my health coaching training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, where I learned from the industry's leaders like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Deepak Chopra. I've also studied mindset change tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming and the Belief Breakthrough method of coaching.

Connect with me by filling out the contact form below or simply send an email to julia@eatwithoutapology.com. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Meet Genevieve

Hello! I’m Genevieve White, a Holistic Health Coach, wife, mother, trail explorer, and active member of my community. But, several years ago I wasn’t an active member of anything, and was barely managing as a wife and mother.

I was bogged down by a terrible list of symptoms, including (but not limited to):

Extreme fatigue – Ever fallen asleep in a line for the ladies room? I have.
Debilitating brain fog – What was I saying again?
Chronic pain – It hurt everywhere.
Mood swings – Seriously. I still feel sorry for my kids years later.
Severe IBS – If you need to know the nearest restroom in the greater Portland area, I can draw you a map
While this was an awful experience, I learned a lot about myself and a ton of information that I now use to help other people live fuller lives. And you know what? Even though I had to go through years of expensive trial and error to finally get to where I am now, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Life is so much more profound when you’ve been through hell and back. How else would I have found so much joy in spending entire days hauling firewood or raking leaves?

My healing journey has taken me from:

slow assisted walks around the block to several-mile hikes
collapsing on the floor with exhaustion to mega-productive days
feeling like everything I ate made me sick to a deep understanding of my body’s signals and its clues that aid with dietary choices
Years of research for my own healing and receiving my coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition allows me to save others from years of heartache, or just motivate enough to make things better.

“Genevieve’s strengths as a coach are her strong listening skills, wealth of nutrition knowledge and ability to help her clients find a strategy that works for their lifestyle. The best part of having Genevieve White as a coach was really working on complete life health. Friendship, work, nutrition, exercise, hobbies, love and happiness were all areas we talked about.”
Rebecca – Portland, Oregon

“Since working with Genevieve White, I have more consistent energy, mood, libido and better digestion. Most significantly, I have an increased patience and gentleness with myself as I move through the healing process. Genevieve is a kind, open-minded and attentive listener, and I recommend her to anyone on a healing journey who is struggling to balance the different aspects of this life.”
Chase – Orleans, CA

“After 20+ years of smoking cigarettes, I am pleased to say I am a NON-smoker now. Genevieve White helped me identify triggers that resulted in smoking and to identify ways to cope with triggers. She is patient, has great listening skills, and the kind ability to propose healthy alternatives to reach my goals. I continue to feel better every day and she has been a big part of my success.”

Jill – Portland, Oregon