Declutter Your Way to Better Health


Decluttering your environment can make a surprising difference in the way you feel. Clutter has been scientifically proven to contribute to anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, and even weight gain. After a while, we often stop seeing our clutter, but we don’t stop feeling it.   Signs You Need to Declutter If you find yourself keeping…

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How to Get More Exercise the Easy Way

more exercise

Staying Fit Does not Require Going to the Gym Getting more exercise is something many of us are concerned about. When did exercise become a chore? Something that you have to schedule and requires equipment? Did you know that 67% of Americans have gym memberships they don’t use? I don’t have anything against gyms, but…

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How Nature Heals

nature heals

Time in Nature is Good Medicine Nature heals. It provides balance. It’s calming when you’re feeling overwhelmed and energizing when you’re feeling down. Science shows that spending time in nature even provides hormonal balance and pain relief.   In a study where 18,500 participants were asked to “do something wild” every day for 30 days,…

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How to Set Priorities

set priorities

Do You Feel Like There is Way Too Much to do Every Day? Life is full of stuff that just has to get done. Between family, career, errands, volunteer work, chores, and meals, we often end up spread too thin. We give the least of our energy to the things that are most important to…

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How I Cured My Chronic Fatigue – Guest Post

cure chronic fatigue

If you’re someone who has gone to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what happened to your energy, you’ve probably been told that you can’t cure chronic fatigue. You’ve been told a lie. Several years ago, I could barely get out of bed. I had no idea what a restful night’s sleep would be…

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