How Nature Heals

nature heals

Time in Nature is Good Medicine Nature heals. It provides balance. It’s calming when you’re feeling overwhelmed and energizing when you’re feeling down. Science shows that spending time in nature even provides hormonal balance and pain relief.   In a study where 18,500 participants were asked to “do something wild” every day for 30 days,…

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How I Cured My Chronic Fatigue – Guest Post

cure chronic fatigue

If you’re someone who has gone to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what happened to your energy, you’ve probably been told that you can’t cure chronic fatigue. You’ve been told a lie. Several years ago, I could barely get out of bed. I had no idea what a restful night’s sleep would be…

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Don’t Just Detox Your Diet, Detox Your Kitchen

Detox Diet

Is a Detox Diet Enough? Going on a detox diet has become very popular recently, and for good reason. But, does it make sense to detox while you retox?   There are about 84,000 synthetic chemicals in use in the United States – over one million pounds produced yearly. More and more studies are linking…

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10 Ways to Slow Down – Guest Post

Slow Down

Between caring for our children and aging parents, meeting career demands, keeping a house and the never-ending list of errands, it’s no wonder we rarely get time for ourselves. How do we slow down and still get things done? Life Moves too Fast You wake up to the alarm clock, rush to get the kids…

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What to Eat When You Have SIBO or IBS – Guest Blog


There’s a lot of talk these days about the gut microbiome and ‘good bugs’ and ‘bad bugs’ kind of duking it out over who gets to rule your gut. While I agree that a healthy gut is key to avoiding many major diseases, I tend to think the good vs bad bacteria argument is over-simplified.…

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