Don’t Just Detox Your Diet, Detox Your Kitchen

Detox Diet

Is a Detox Diet Enough?

Going on a detox diet has become very popular recently, and for good reason. But, does it make sense to detox while you retox?


There are about 84,000 synthetic chemicals in use in the United States – over one million pounds produced yearly. More and more studies are linking these chemicals to our rising rates of disease. Conditions like obesity, diabetes, learning disabilities, allergies, thyroid disorders, cancers and more.


It all sounds very bleak, but you have more control over your environment than you may think. You have the power to clean up everyday environmental triggers that are affecting you and your family. You can choose what goes in your body, and on it, the quality of the air in your home, and whether your purchasing decisions are part of the problem or part of the solution.


Detox Diets are Great, But What About Keeping the Toxins Out of Your Body in the First Place?


Your kitchen is likely full of things that can be undermining all your hard work at getting and staying healthy. Restocking your kitchen with the right cooking surfaces, storage containers and cleaners as well as healthy foods is going to get you a lot farther toward your wellness goals, from weight loss to balancing hormones. The kitchen is usually the biggest toxic hotspot in your home. This can be so frustrating when you’re spending so much time in there with a focus on getting and staying healthy!


Would You Like a Free, Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Makeover?


If you want to take measures to clean up your kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck! I’ve created a 6-day email series that covers everything from food and water to cookware and cleaning products. There’s a lot of information, but don’t worry – I will keep it simple and include easy steps towards getting your kitchen cleaned up in no time. Go here to sign up!

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Genevieve White is a Certified Health Coach and advocate for personalized health care. After healing herself from years of chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and generalized pain, she now shares her knowledge, expertise and passion with others who are struggling to find a sense of balance and wellness in their lives.

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